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Think of the Dental

Ha ha. Poor guy. That whole zombie thing bites, just don’t it?

*yawn* Stayed up watching Surrogates instead of doing WaM. Story of me’ life. XD Good movie btw; I love Bruce Willis so much.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Happy Ending” by Mika

(I listened to this song on loop at work today. For the solid eight hours. XD)


You know, if any one besides Gawain was the donar of that blood, they’d most likely be in the morgue rather than the infirmary. :injured: I’m going to guess that most of it is *his* blood, so it’s his mess. What blood type is Gawain anyway? The Red Cross would just love to have this guy for a blood drive. :lol2:


He’s probably not eligible to donate since, you know, he’s dead.

Anytime I see Gawain now I’m just waiting for Hagen to show up. Instant favorites for me. :D


Man look at that…

Funny caption: “The worlds first International Festival of Ragu goes horribly wrong”

And I love that song, its very pretty =)

Oddly enough I first heard it on the Axis of Awesome song 4 Chords. You should check it out sometime if you’ve not heard it!


two things come to mind

1) That’s Gawain’s blood. He made the mess so he must clean it up

2) He may not be only person in the infirmary, but he us the only person who is healthy enough to clean it {is being a zombie technically alive?}


After drawing my entry for the Pair-a-Thon (featuring Gawain), I decided to look back through at his first appearance and I was shocked at how off the hair I gave him was. Then I looked at this page again and realized that the hair matched this one very well. His hair has changed so much!! O.o Weirds me out.


Ha ha; it’s the natural progression of drawing. Pretty much everyone’s hair has changed somewhat since their first appearance. Some definitely more noticeable than others…


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