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Think You Know Someone

And we move forward. Slowly. Oh Malachi.

More importantly:



EDIT: I forgot–no WaM on Friday. Sorry! (Ha, I’m stepping up in the world. Not listing excuses–even though I have one. XD Mwa ha)

Song Listening Recommendation:

The Opening Theme to “Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?” Cartoon Series.



I’m predicting that Wiglaf is about to go Asura on his “dad” and the boss.

And yes, I do mean him growing four extra arms and punching the ever living crap out of both of them.


Happy Birthday, Pater Liliy! May this prove to be your best and most blessed year yet!

I’m laying odds that Wiglaf is smart enough to know that, right now, the highest priority is evacuating his friends/mortal enemies, and dealing with the weird cult thing is a distant second. But who knows? Perhaps Azrael/Mordred/Ben want to initiate a showdown. Should be interesting, since they all have objects.


Wiglaf’s patience is certainly being tested with this spirit possessing his dad and this cult persecuting his friends. It probably won’t be long before he does something drastic.


I read lots of comics, but this is the only one that has given me a terrible habit. I shout “Wiggles” (my nickname for Wiglaf) every time I click the bookmark. Also, my dad’s birthday was the 18th and he wants to name the new puppy we are getting Lily.


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