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This Could Be A Problem

I thought I’d try something a little different today. Such as color for no reason, or actually putting comments up with the comic.

Little things like that.

Anyway, I bet none of you realized just how good lookin’ Mordred was, did’ja? Though, I will admit my favorite thing about this particular comic is Brat’s glazed stare. Ha ha.


Oooh, color and comments; nice. ^_^

The Brat’s glazed stare is perfect, as well as the final split panel with Driver and Arthur. XD I’m wondering if any of them know what they’re in for with the Brat.


Brat falls for the guy who’s not afraid to boss her around. Classic. Though Wiglaf’s helpless confusion is cuter than Brat’s adoration, but maybe I’m biased.

And yes, Mordred is cute. I like his dramatically gay roses. >=D


I don’t know… for some reason, I’m really digging Wiglaf in panel 1. But then, you know all about how I think of Mordred.

Oooh! Showdown between Driver and Brat! Brat could completely out-sass and out-spunk Driver, but Driver will be doing the driving on any excursions Brat has planned. Am I seeing a ‘Smores fight in the future?
And those brother-senses… things could get ugly if Arthur shows up. Or could we expect Arthur’s charms to distract Brat? Darn it, Liliy: you’ve completely ruined my grasp of this arc. XD Did Arthur stand up and start flipping out in another one of his staff meetings?


….and suddenly, WAM turns into a harem manga.

On that note, I find the line “He’s gorgeous. Introduce me. I must have him.” to be surprisingly and oddly funny. Wiglaf seems appropriately off guard for that.

I have just one request… Mordred must never, never reach Princess Princess levels of sparkly. The world would end.


Oh my. can chainmail even be grabbed like that? I mean, most of the time it appears ot be pretty much skintight… so unless it’s elastic… but I wouldn’t ever be able to do any better so where do I get off commenting on it? XD sorry. Love the strip.


And here we have evidence of Mordred’s attractiveness. But why doesn’t he have fangirls like Wiglaf? Did they all think that he was female? Or were they all just too mesmerised by Wiglaf? (then that would explain why Brat liked Mordred, I mean, It’s not like she would like Wiglaf, right?)


They just don’t understand. Plus Arthur probably ate everyone else who tried fangirling over his brother. By ate I mean his dragons had a wonderful feast.


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