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This Happens More Often Than You’d Think

It’s late. I know. I was too busy watching Transformers.


If you all have any idea how close I was to just drawing someone sceaming that wonderful Decepticon’s name….you’d appreciate that it showed up at all.

Speaking, Sunday’s WAM is going to be really late. I’m going to be out of town all weekend so it’s either going to show up really late Sunday night or Monday night/Tuesday.

Edit 6/29/09 – Lied. Got sick. No WAM until Wednesday. Sorry! *passes out*

Thanks for being awesome readers!

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“Alive” by P.O.D.


For some reason, Wiglaf looks kinda feminine, and Horatio kinda looks like he’s proposing to him… (All in the 2nd panel.) Maybe it’s just me, though… *tilts head to look at from a different angle*


how is it you get to see wiglaf as a girl? what angle did you see it? I want to see it too.

all I see is Horatio proposing to Wiglaf (male)


I see it! In the 2nd panel, Wiglaf’s back looks all arched and that shape is more feminine. Also his face looking all wide-eyed connotes innocence and emotional-ness (which is more feminine). Also, it’s in his personality, but Wiglaf doesn’t react like :/ or :meh: or :sly: or :X he kind of reacts like a mix of :$ and 0_0 .


How is it that when Wiglaf doesn’t like a guest, tons of readers coo about his jealousy, but that when Mordred doesn’t like a guest, nobody says a word? And it’s not because Mordred doesn’t like people as a rule– he should be thrilled because this will either torment Wiglaf or make him vanish for a little while, so he should like this guest. Far be it from me to incite fans to non-canon pairings… it just seems there’s a double standard.

I particularly like the way you continued the crossbar around Wiglaf’s tunic this time, Liliy. It really gives him a solid three-dimensional feel. And hurrah for Security continuing to be in the thick of things, instead of sitting back to watch them on a monitor!


Maybe it’s because Mordred is the type to complain about everything just as a general principle? Or maybe it’s because Wiglaf just chased away the type of company Mordred actually likes, and Mordred’s feeling something along the lines of “He just chased away my company, so why should he get to have some of his own?” I think a combination of the two.

In any case, it’s funny. :P

I did not notice the crossbar, but now that I do, I second the niceness of the 3-Dness. :D


i think it’s because when Wiglaf doesn’t like a guest he actually says “i don’t like him” but Mordred here is only complaining that Wiglaf has a guest and he doesn’t. not much jealousey saddley :*(


Heh heh, I love how startled Wiglaf looks when Horatio gets right in his face and clasps his hands to beg for help. Who wouldn’t be taken aback? XD

Hip Hip Hooray for the return of Security!!


AAH! I just finished seeing the transformers movie, so I completely forgive you. STARSCREAM! XDXD I was more a fan of Mudflap and Skids tho. ^_^ woot!


If I was Mordred, I’d be asking ‘Security Guy’ why the heck all these people all of these people are inside in the first place. As ‘security’, shouldn’t he be keeping people out instead of letting random people walk in? I know that would make the story more dull if each person that randomly waltzed in had to go through a security check first, then have Mordred notified of said person (etc, etc)…, but I don’t think Mordred is the sort of person to be completely oblivious to this.


after reading this strip, i had a weird dream that Mordred and Wiglaf were in front of some pirates and talking to them. but then for some reason(i think he was jealous) Mordred put his arm around Wiglafs waist and then kissed him on the cheek. then he smirked. Wiglaf was like frozen and then he blushed……………….it was a very good dream :)


Sorry you caught something, Liliy. That seems to have happened to a lot of people– very strange for summer time. I blame unsanitary, mobile, public enclosures. Rest up, drink lots of fluids, and concentrate on just recovering. *Hugs.*


Archive trawling again…
I just noticed that, you can actually see that Horatio’s wearing a wedding ring (which everyone seems to have missed the first time round)


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