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This Happens Too Often

People busting into Mordred’s apartment could be a running gag at this point.

I just can’t help it. I have a thing for dramatic entrances that involve busting open a door. It’s habit forming.

Oh, and look at that, Wiglaf’s full hero title. XD Huzzah! *adds the tag*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Shiver” by The Birthday Massacre


Hurray for bursting through doors and full titles and Birthday Massacre! And Mordred, man; no dead bolt? With all the people breaking in you’d think he would’ve made Wiglaf or Driver get one sooner. XD


One might wonder how much time Wiglaf spent as an antihero since devil is typically not a heroic descriptor.


Yeah, dead bolt would have been one of the first things I would have gotten as the youngest child of a family of villains.

And anonymous coward has a point. That really is not generally something an all-good guy gets as a title.


Well, considering back in the beginning when they found the sword it told him that he just barely passed the test, makes you wonder what he did before he met Mordred-more than just hero stuff.


horatio looks like hes been stuck in one place for too long and only managed to escape till now, im guessing he did something janus or Arthur sr. didnt like?


I figured he just wasn’t much on that whole ‘getting dressed’ thing. “The clothes are on, dammit! What more do you want?”


Well… if it was an EVIL town…maybe they’d give him a mean title instead of a more…heroic title. Because they’re evil. And that’s how they roll, dawg. … *koff*

Or! OOO, Wiglaf did do something good, but like, he did it in such a vicious manner that they were all with the deviltry instead of angelicy. …Is Angelicy a word? O.o


Ha ha; closer to that second one.

Heros don’t always get their titles from the people they save~


also, angels are alllllll about tough love. to be good is to become stronger, and you don’t become strong by being coddled!

i can never decide whether i like angels or devils better. =D


I like both. More specifically, I like Aziraphale and Crowley from the book Good Omens. They are the closest you can get for a devil-angel team.


Wiglaf’s full title sure is great for the purpose of striking fear in the hearts of ne’er-do-wells. ^_^ I wonder if Mordred neglected procuring a dead-bolt because he wanted to dare foolish trespassers into walking into an evil trap. XD

Heh heh, I’m already liking Horatio. He has the courtesy to knock, but he isn’t above bursting through the door dramatically to get a point across. XD


Maybe Mordred hasn’t needed deadbolt till now, perhaps the criminal underworld knows better than to bother anyone named Garrot?


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