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This Is Where Size Matters

Tada. WaM’s up on time. XD Go me!

“Song Listening Recommendation:

“Bad Seed” from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
(Hands down catchiest song so far of the season xD)


I had a feeling Herschell would do that before long. It’s too good an advantage not to use. XD

Driver must be thinking that they get WAY too many guests in that apartment! ^_^


ouch, i would think being held by the fur like that would really hurt….


Nah, that looks like he’s been scruffed, which is taking hold of the loose skin over the shoulders. It doesn’t actually hurt the animal, so long as you don’t do it for too long, which is when the animal’s weight starts to make it ache. :P

Then again, scruffing an animal doesn’t mean they can’t wriggle. Herschell, get ready to be nommed, cause you don’t have a secure grip XD


Yay – I’m back and caught-up.

Wiggling while being held by the scruff is one thing but ‘gnoming ends up in becoming airborne and then meeting some vertical unyielding surface at speed. [it's a Murphy Law]


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