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This Won’t Be Pretty

Heh. I should just stop telling you that there’ll be color later in the day. I think you’ve all figured that out by now. XD

On the bright side, I have something else to occupy your time with. Huzzah.

Survey Results

Have fun reading them. I hid some columns you probably don’t care about so it’s mostly just the full sentence responses. And if you haven’t fill it out yet – you can still fill it out.

Have fun reading! And thanks to everyone who filled out the form! :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Orestes” by A Perfect Circle


Sedrick is really asking for it by challenging Arthur, isn’t he? And Gawain should just be quiet. He’s going to be throttled otherwise. Or get between those two – and that just wouldn’t end well for anybody.


As always, this comic makes me giggle. Is it supposed to be “in good conscience” in panel 1, or is he making a clever pun? I really can’t tell. :curious:


XD I sense a very more harsher authority tone coming… And if I’m wrong it’ll still be worth a snicker I bet!


Omi! I can’t belive nobody did this* yet! So now I shall:


Sorry, reflex. ^-^


Sedrick is being very opinionated, isn’t he? He’s usually the reason, when it comes to Arthur, so it’s fun to see him acting all irrational and angry! :happy:




I’ve heard others say that “emasculate” is the best sound effect, though not many. I’m fairly amused by comic use of “fap” myself but I doubt it would be shown here in its true meaning. (True meaning is NSFW.)


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