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Three Seconds Later

Heh. Short Cruise.

Why yes. Wiglaf has said the lines in the first panel before. It seemed appropriate. Wiglaf has a level of tolerance; it has been reached. And yes, Mordred, he’s very much aware you don’t have a clue what he’s saying.

And before it gets asked again – no, I’m not providing translations for Wiglaf’s native tongue. I’ve addressed this before, but I’ll do it again: I like to play fair. :D If no one in the strip knows what he’s saying, no one else gets to know either. :P Including myself. I wouldn’t know what he was saying either. *inserts evil laughter*

Anyway – Rogue Waves are real. And Awesome, dude. Mother Nature doesn’t like getting shown up. Don’t mess with her. Well, unless you’re Wiglaf. I wouldn’t put it past him to attack the wave. You know, if he didn’t have a fear of boats. Or wasn’t too busy yelling at Mordred.

Or Gawain, who for once is happy to be a Zombie. See that up there? That’s called no fear of anything. Hagen apparently doesn’t appreciate his good cheer.

I think this is the first time I’ve been really happy with a strip in a very long time. You can tell b/c I’ve spent most of this post talking about the comic instead of Transformers. O_o

Edit: Almost forgot! Here’s the sketch of that wave before I inked. XD

Many thanks to Nirlem & Watch for providing translations.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Letters From The Sky” by Civil Twilight


LOVE the sketch. I giggled.

Oops, Wiglaf angered Mother Nature. With how upset Wiglif is, he’s probably half-considering letting Mordred drown. Poor thing.

And I don’t know why Hagen’s so worried. Gawain will save her, of course. He’s a gentleman after all.


Huh. Never took Wiglaf for the swearing type, even if it’s something as minor as “damn”.
Just because I know someone will eventually ask, Wiglaf is saying (if memory serves) in the third panel,
“I told you, damn it!”


The translator I used was a bit more…profane…in its wording… Then again, it’s Google, and if there is one thing I’m not, it’s Swedish.


Well, for one thing, google translate is NEVER right D:
That and five dollars says you left out the “för”, didn’t you?


I’m so so soooo glad that we are readers and have ways to find out what he’s saying without all that much effort x]
Wiglaf you are the best whenever you snap or i distress. I’d make it my favourite freetime-activity: making the hero snap. It’s just too great to watch x]
He’s still too honour-bound to honestly curse at someone (what’s the point to damn someone verbally in an unknown-to-the-victim language, really O-O ), but at least he does it…

Mordreds line ‘you were right’… somehow made me giggle the most.
The perfect superhero was right? Oh, how surprising.

Gawain is so wonderfully accostumed to his immortality…

And I’m glad that he got a partner that really does explain everything to him… with a head as often pierced as Gawains, he needs it. They have such a nice dynamic together. <3

The two heroes had this kind of feel to them from the start… so Mordreds comment is just all the more lovable in the last comment.

THis was just such a nice page… all the character-panels were… telling a little bit more about the people… it had to be commented.

*hides again*


I love it ^_^

And what he’s saying is pretty normal really, what almost anyone in his situation would be saying =)

Gawain is perfect here. Its not like he can drown or anything, so he gets to play Nero to everyone’s Rome. He’s so perky in the face of a massive tidal wave, its wonderful =)


Sooooo, was I the only one who noticed that Modred and Wiglaf switched places between the first and third panels, or is everyone just focused on the funny stuff and I should be doing that too? O_o


“Må djävulen ta dig”. No one ever says it like that anymore, it’s a very old way of saying it. People usually say “fan ta dig” which means the same thing, but it’s slightly more vulgar. But since Wiglaf might be too nice for saying “fan”, it could pass as intentional.

I would also say “för i helvete” instead of “för helvete”, it sounds more correct, but I think both works.

Funny to see Wiglaf swearing, not often we get to see that.


Interesting. It’s always neat to hear how different people would say different things even when speaking the same language. (Current Translator is also Swedish).

Though, I will admit Wiglaf speaking outdated Swedish seems oddly appropriate…so I think it works. Hopefully. Just out of curiosity but just how old is that saying? Are we talking a generation or a century? *curious*

& Thank-you for the language lesson! :D


It’s not outdated per se, but if someone says it they probably aren’t that angry. It’s just old. To me, saying “må djävulen ta dig” kinda sounds like when
someone got mad on television in the 80s. Saying “fan ta dig” is also disapearing since everyone just swears in english instead. Oh and swearing using religious words is the oldest way of swearing (that is still used at least). So saying “må djävulen ta dig” has been used for quite a while.

And of course I can’t actually say that no one ever says it anymore since I don’t live in every part of sweden. It’s possible that people still say it, just not where I live. Different dialects :P.

But when you think about, it does fit Wiglaf pretty nicely since he’s not only the good guy of the story (since it’s less vulgar), and he walks around with mail armour and a sword. Even though we haven’t done that for several hundreds of years.


Yeah, I definitely agree that it works well now that you’ve explained a bit further. So thank you very much again~ *hugs*

…and now I want to go look up some 80′s slang. XD


*Scowls@Mordred.* That “what are the odds” had better refer to the wave showing up.

Splendid page, Liliy! Much hilarity, great visual angles.


Mordred must truly be stunned if he’s admitting Wiglaf was right. XD Gawain’s serenity in the face of danger is hilarious, and I like the slanted angles of the panels in which the boat is rocking.

Those white suds from the water look great, and I like that whale in the sketch.


…This is the second comic I’ve read today when someone said “That was a rhetorical question”…

Shoulda kept the marine wildlife in there!! :love:


Hehehehehe, naughty wiglaf! 83
I am familiar with the term “helvete”
Also, “Faen” is a favourite.
I’ve heard “satan” (the first bit pronounced sah- instead of say) also means the same thing as “faen”, though is considered a stronger curse word!

Yes, the first and only thing my norwegian friend taught me was how to swear in his language…
This was in exchange for learning some awesome scots slang ;D

…I’m rabling!
Anyways, awesome page, and the rough sketch of the waves made me lol! XD


ah…it’s so nice to see Wiglaf speaking Swedish again (=^_^=) thanks to him I have another language i can curse in! any way i really love when he’s speaking swedish, it’s great! and now i confuse my friends even more!


I have to admit these comics are one of the few times I’m glad i know swedish… You have no idea how annoying it is to us finns.


It’s annoying that you know, Swedish? At least you can make use of it here~ Better than me. XD *Doesn’t speak Swedish at all*


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