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Three To One

Yeah, I’m a loser. XD But I wanted to get at least something up on Wednesday.

You guys might be seeing more of this. I’m trying to keep to the same schedule, but I’ve decided not to stress if I miss, either. I still love you guys, though! And I’m very thankful for your understanding. :D *holds hands up in front of face and pleads for forgiveness*

In the meantime, have fun guessing what’s going on? XD

Edit: Got WaM Done. Expect Friday’s super late. No excuses, just not in the mood….and trying not to whine about it. I think I’m failing. *sigh* XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Venus” by Bananarama


Yar, we all love your comic, we don’t want you to explode.

Also, you know, common human decency.

I for once simply choose to distract myself by re-reading the old comics *shrug* It’s been awhile since I’ve done such.


This begs the question: Does a stolen artifact eventually become the stealer’s (the stealer can see an hear artifact) after the stealer has possessed it for a certain length of time?

And if not, I wonder if there are artifacts that no one can see or hear (i.e. they’re like normal objects) because they were once stolen and their rightful master never had the chance to pass them on.


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