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Tidiness is Important

Hey, sorry about the lack of update for Sunday. I got a bit of a cold and Monday night I crashed. Literally. I was asleep at 10pm. Normally I’m starting WAM at ten.

The point is, I was in no position to draw anything; so I had to skip. Sorry!

But it’s all good – because I got today’s done. Even if it is 20 minutes late. *yawn*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“New Divide” by Linkin Park


XDD Mordred really values cleanliness… >.> I wonder if Wiglaf heard me talking about how it looked like Horatio was proposing…


The shower will probably do him good… he looks pretty ragged. But I feel bad for him being allowed to stay only because he annoys Wiglaf. XD


I love Security more and more. XD

And late comic is always better than no comic. We can be patient. :3


It’s quite funny how Mordred breaks into the conversation so abruptly and for such dubious reasons. XD And Security sure knows the exact right moment to be prepared with certain supplies. It’s like he reads people’s minds. XD

Nice touch with Horatio displaying classy dialogue by referring to them as “gentlemen.”

Hope you’re feeling better, Liliy.


Why do I have the feeling that Mordred’s a bit jealous? XD …That or taking revenge for something =P

Glad you feel betetr now <3


“Shower is to your left. Enjoy your shower.”
“Shower is to your left. It is a good shower. Enjoy your shower.”
“Enjoy your shower”
“I… will… enjoy… my… shower…”
“Good boy.”


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