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Time Flies

Or Sedrick is the worst Legal Guardian ever. XD

Whoo hoo~ Strip 400! To celebrate we’ve gone a bit classic WaM with solid backgrounds and walls o’ text that barely fit in their panels b/c I’m a poor planner~

But that doesn’t matter. We got to see Sedrick lose a bit of his temper which makes everything all right.

And poor Hnæf. His ego got the better of him. Ha ha. Stupid Artifacts & their non-written history.

And the TGT Battle begins today (for real…heh.) So GO VOTE!

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Tiny Life” by Danny Gokey


FIRST COMMENT! anyway… sedrick is hnaef’s guardian?!!!! WHATTTTTTTT?

im a bit shocked he would care about another person at all… other than arthur…

I’m gonna shut up now.


No, no. I don’t think it’s ’cause he cares. It’s just so much easier to be someone’s legal guardian if you have to leave the country fast. :)


but why would they have any need to leave the country… i am pretty sure everyones to scared of Madame Garrott and Master Garrott to pull anything against their children.


Things get done quicker; Sedrick doesn’t have to bother dealing with Hnaef’s parents if he’s Hnaef’s legal gaurdian. (I mean, I think he’d have to talk with them SOMETIME, but not nearly as much as he would if he wasn’t Hnaef’s gaurdian.)
Or I could be completely wrong, who knows. XD


Oh, right, more to the point, Hnaef’s near omniscience only extends to after he was born? Interesting!


I think he means, that he couldn’t have personally collected and compiled (and archived) the data because he wasn’t alive


It’s very funny seeing Sedrick lose his temper with Hnaef. XD All the characters have some great vivid expressions.


october what? i wanna know what his birthday is! wait…if he’s 13 now…the why does his cast page still say he’s 12?…evs


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