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To Anywhere Else

You all know that song rules. :3

But not as much as getting to make a stealth Stable Boy joke. :D

We’re…actually getting closer to the end of this arc than I realized. Expect an epic battle to be poorly drawn in the future! XD *throws confetti*

Also, this year is going by so fast. o_O I can’t believe it’s almost December. But more importantly:

NaNo goes slowly but smoothly. I’m really hyped up about Children of Hephaestus. And if you read my blog you already know these things. :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Disco Inferno” by The Trammps


I like this one. I didn’t, however, understand much. Like if Sedrick has a point to burning things up, or if he does it for kicks. Or, really, that part about the summer home (though it feels as though I should understand that, somehow).


Good thing Hnaef decided that a quick look at Sedrick was all he needed before turning around and leaving. XD And I like how you drew the fire.


Doesn’t matter if I look at other comics; it’s scenes like thiis that remind me why WaM is my favorite XD Aw home sweet insane hunchback burning things home


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