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To Love One’s Job

I love stories about loyal servants. It makes me really happy to finally introduce Horatio – even if it means not doing a joke or gag for a strip.

Ah well, they can’t all be funny.

*snuggles Horatio*

And I love that name. Horatio. Horatio. Horatio. *giggles*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Hunting For Witches” by Bloc Party


Loyalty. Dedication. Allegiance. Devotion. Fealty. Fidelity. Oh yeah, synonyms rock. :D *insert gleeful clapping*

Very nice artwork here. It gives off sort of a mystical and legendary aura. The bright light in panel 3 is very effective. The pictures and the text complement each other well.


Five bucks says Mordred doesn’t like him.

Ten bucks says Wiglaf doesn’t like him. :P


I call that ten and say Mordred isn’t in this story, that’s either his mom or sister. :D


ahaha, it’s gonna be Janus ’cause if you remember the chara memes, Horatio was Geoffry’s best friend and I’m assuming, whatever position is directly beneath CEO. And since Geoffry’s ransom was never paid and his company appears to have gone under in bloody flames…… XD

Pure WIN, Liliy!!!


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