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To See The Floor Shows

Bliss wants ideas for a new costume. And I addressed his hair. One person noticed it was colored different and I either admit to a continuity error as it hadn’t grown out that quickly – or wrote it in as a joke to save face. Yay me! XD

Pair-A-Thon. Starts Saturday. Look for it. *foams at mouth*

Can you all tell this is my favorite part of the year for WaM? XD People better enter. That’s all I gotta’ say. *cracks knuckles*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Kiss From A Rose” by Seal


What ever gave Wiglaf the impression that Mordred would play by the rules(about growing the hair out)? I mean, it IS Mordred we’re talking about here.


This one seems pretty old school WaM too! :B I think it’s all this screen time Wiggy and Mordred are suddenly having again! ;)


XD Yay for saving face! (Though, poor Mordred, having Wiglaf pull on his hair… That’s what he gets for cheating!)
As for the Pair-a-thon, Mine’s in the works. Though technically mine is a crossover with what I like to call my MPD ‘Verse and gets three characters: A villain and two side-people who are really only there to hand Mordred an awesome gun and make the villain “vanish”. ^.^


Costume for Bliss? Hmmm, Alice in Wonderland dress but Pink?


This is VEGAS we are talking about. Think rhinestones, spandex and lots of feathers.

Oh wow, that sure would put a crimp in Mordreds outlook on things.

Just looking at her outfit as it is I would say late 1800s base but very risque with the neckline as it is and all. So fast forward to Las Vegas and look at what fits the bill for this time period ….. I can’t wait to see what kind of outfits you have planned to give Mordred conniption fits.

:ohhyeahh: :ohhyeahh: :ohhyeahh: :ohhyeahh: :ohhyeahh: :ohhyeahh: :ohhyeahh: :ohhyeahh:


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