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Too Busy Thinking Of Other Things

But in all seriousness, Camlann hadn’t thought about this part of being human. Poor guy.

And as always, his rant is below the cut. :D

But no really. How did that not occur to me before now? I’m human now which means I get all the perks. And that includes the finer things in life like dating and romance and all of that. Just wow. I was so focused on revenge and getting to use my powers that I forgot about the other bonuses of the situation. But now! I can think about other things like getting a home or maybe that dating thing. I could use a boyfriend. Or a girlfriend. I mean. How could anyone not want me? I’m the best catch anyone would possibly want. But what if I fail at dating. I mean, I’ve got no experience with this. I mean. What if I’m a wreck and don’t know what to do? That’s a thing right? It is. It is totally a thing. I’m going to go sit down and think about this. No wait. Wiglaf is still over there and I kinda need to focus on that too. But dating! That is a thing. Totally a thing. And Wiglaf can wait. Or he can’t because I can’t rub it in his face that I have a new significant other if he’s dead. Like. How can I brag if he can’t see it? That would just be the worst. The absolute worst. I’m got to think this through. Okay. Okay. Save Wiglaf. Then figure out the date thing before we have another confrontation. I’m sure it’ll work out somehow. Yes. Oh gosh. I can date. Anyone I want! It’s open season for me. Maybe I should change my look again. You think? I like the jacket but maybe not the shoes. Or the hair. No. Wait. I’m perfect as I am and no one can tell me otherwise. I’m great. Anyone would love me. Even Wiglaf would have to acknowledge…


Well here’s a setup for a date at an Italian restaurant. I’m sure Security will be their waiter.


You might wanna do something about that mouth of yours, though… I doubt kissing’s very p[ractical (or tasteful) with bloody string in the way…

Also, “I can’t rub it in his face that I have a new significant other if he’s dead”, eh? Camlann, darling, I think you and Wiglaf have slightly different notions of “significant other”…


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