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Too Much Intimacy

*throws comic onto the interwebs* ENJOY.

Lol. Sorry. It’s been a crazy week and the upcoming week is going to be equally crazy. I don’t remember past falls being this busy. XD

Thanks for reading!

Edit: So. It’s Wednesday and I’m kinda drowning in errands for something coming up so I don’t have time to draw. I’ll be lucky if I get in my Genshin Dailies right before bed. If I get WaM up on Friday it’ll be a miracle. If you see an update Friday, I win! If not, I will see you on Sunday. Wish me luck b/c I think I’m also coming down with a cold and I’m in denial about it. XD

Edit 2 (Sunday!): I have family visiting and my room is being used as a guest room. Uh. Didn’t get to draw b/c the other peeps go to bed earlier than I do, so no computer access. Phone internet? Yes. Computer with my drawing software? Not so much. Due to the unpredictability of this upcoming week, I’m just going to call it a vacation to make up for the absolute nightmare stress of last week. I’ll see you guys next Sunday (October 16). Thanks for your patience and see you then!


Camlann is an Author Avatar Character, confirmed!

Camlann’s full name must then be Camlann Liliy. He is an avatar of the part Liliy’s mind that actually colours in the comic pages!

That’s all for Wild Proclamations with Darius Drake! See you next comment I make! Which… probably won’t be a wild proclamation, and has a 99% probability of NOT involving an outro. It does have the possibility of me rambling on like I am for this outro, but that doesn’t mean… (rambling outro fades out over the course of 10 seconds, until it’s essentially mute).


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