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Too Scared To Fight Around Wiglaf

Tada. Arguin’ time.

Also, about a week left to get in your Pair-a-Thon entries! Since they’re are so few this year, I think I’m just going to hold off and post them all at once on the 8th. :) That way it’s a surprise for everyone. XD




Aww, you mean we have to wait to see all the entries? No fair. Oh well that’s life. Can’t wait to see mine up.


If they’d fought like that when Wiglaf was home, maybe, just maybe, he would have figured things out a bit sooner. Or not…


My vote is for not. He’s not the brightest bulb in the box. As for what could have gone down at college…well I’m going to guess there were some pretty wild parties.


wait… if she cheated on him during the honeymoon, why did he stay with her?

It’s not like he is staying because of the kids and can’t be because of what others would think because the cult screws with that idea.

what did he stay cause he actually loves his wife and his blonde friend?

is he a closeted bi?


Maybe it’s just easier to stay and put up with them than to move away and go through the hassle of setting up a new cover/life.


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