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Transition Time

Ha ha; Photoshop wasn’t cooperating. I was actually done on time for once. XD Dumb Photoshop making me five minutes late.

And so ends a Volume – Sunday? That’s right. New Volume and what should be a complete story arc (similar to the Concert Arc where all the individual chapters apply to the overall story instead of switching like this volume…)

Fun stuff.

And I need to learn Swedish. I’ve got a few wonderful people volunteering to translate for me, but it requires knowing my dialogue in advance…which never happens. So to get a translation I basically need someone around on the off chance I need them while I draw. And Wiglaf doesn’t use his Swedish that much (though I would like him to use more…)

Anyway it’s not a very reasonable request. XD Thus the problem.

I’ll end my complaining now. *pats Wiglaf* He has nothing to be jealous of for a while. D:

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Leave Me Alone” by Michael Jackson


Ow… the poor vice president… ;-;
So he shows up here? Well… YAY for more backgroundstory! ^^

And he finally proves to be a real mad scientist… Messing with science depending on a mood is not the way of the real ones. But awesome! ^^

Thanks for the comic! Yes…


Photoshop breakin’, ne? A likely story. XD

And more characters, hurray. XD


It’s true. I swear to you it froze up at 11:59 or whatever when I finished. Thankfully I only thought it crashed…but it still didn’t want to work for a minute. *kicks it*


I believe “Trevlig dag” means “pleasant day”, or possibly “nice day”, while you were probably going for “have a nice day”, “ha en trevlig dag” in Swedish :)


Ha ha; I found both of them actually when looking up ‘have a nice day’ online at various places. I assumed ‘Trevlig dag’ was a shorter/quicker version.

Either way it sort of works; Wiglaf can’t be bothered to say the entire sentence. XD


I love how so many of your characters have such sexy shoes <3

Oh, and I vote for a relative of Mordred!
That or Wiglaf's Evil Twin.


I like how Wiglaf jovially hurries Lancelot’s exit. XD His superficial friendliness and his desperation to get rid of an unwanted guest are funny.

Oh boy, a new character! Who is this figure and what interests him about Wiglaf? This looks like a promising start to a new arc. From the back, the new guy looks like Mordred’s long-lost twin arriving home after years of exile in a desert. ^_^


Wait, “Horatio”? As in THE Horatio?? HORATIO Horatio, not the naval figure?! Wheeeeee! *Bounces.*

I admire the way you handled the pass on the stairs. Quite cinematic, and highly suggestive of movement without a lot of motion lines and sound effects. Excellently done!


Hold on,
How exactly does Lancelot know Horatio??


Horatio’s picture appears a lot on TV as the Vice President of one of the formerly-spectacularly-successful-corporation-whose-President-was-kidnapped-so-it-is-now-failing-in-equally-spectacular-fashion corporations, a la . Lance can’t have avoided seeing it at least twice.

*Looks around furtively.* …though, my bet is on the idea that Lance has once or twice applied for high-level botanist/horticulturalist jobs and been interviewed by Horatio, since we don’t quite know EXACTLY what Geoffry Buckley’s corporation does.


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