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Trigger Happy

*evil laughter*

Before anyone asks, the answer to how Gawain survived a bullet to the head with only irritation as a side effect has been run by at least three-four loyal readers and I’m sticking with it.


Song Listening Recommendation:

“Shot Through the Heart” by Bon Jovi


XD He’s freaking immortal! He’ll hound them till the end of their days, and then their decedents! Muahahahahaha! >:3


I have to say, the most surprising thing about this comic is that Sedrick doesn’t use a bigger firearm. I would have expected him to use something that makes more of a mess – he seems like the type that would like to make a “point”.


Ha! You know what? It kind of reminds me of Noir. Kirika was shot in the head but all it did was restore her memories. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it here. Plus, it’s hilarious. The one person Sedrick can’t kill is the one he wants to kill the most.


When I saw this, all I thought was one of the ‘narroators’ on the Halo 2 games saying:

“Headshot. DENIED!”

6th panel, love it!!! Bullet point eyes~ If anyone else was in there, they’d scream zombie!

Now just wait, he’ll do it again. Get ‘em Seddy!! >:D

Seddy. . . erm. . . just don’t ask. . . .

Anyway, back to the musings on your comic;

So, now he has a punching bag? That he’ll get so mad at that he will. . . well, pretty much can’t do anything to him. I love it! I can’t wait to see what his frustrated face is!!! :P

Oh, and an A+ on how Seddy–Sedricks shirt is the same color of the blood!!

And nope, you made the hit, just wasn’t vital. But don’t worry! We still love you, you little murdorous sociopath! ~~~ <3

This is my new favroite page~

Oh, yah! Haha, Zika said she talked to you. I have to agree, forceful friends are great. C: It’s also good she doesn’t mind that I am one. XD This was accutaly one of the webcomics I got her to read, lke the 4th or something. (It would have been the first, but I just stumbled upon it like a week before and we couldn’t see each other then. TT0TT) Before that, she never even read any webcomics. :gasp: It was sad to see her then. (JKJKJK)


The second panel is my favorite. I like the frontal close-up of the handgun firing. The close-up of the BANG! is just fun that way. ^_^ Poor Gawain needs to catch a break.

Someone as resilient as Gawain apparently is could be very valuable to Arthur if Sedrick would quit assaulting him. XD


I like the second panel too, manly because Sedrick gets to make a corny joke “With a bang” :D also his grin is just so evil and perfect


I never really knew Sedrick was so… murderous. :*(
And it’s too bad he’s unsuccessful. This blonde stranger annoys me! :X


That was completely awesome. I think I’ll like Gawain– for his resilience if nothing else.

The lyrics you chose to quote today went along with the comic perfectly, and I couldn’t help but laugh. Mainly because I heard someone who must have been 2 singing them on Sunday when I was helping out in the nursery at church. I can just imagine that as Gawain’s theme-song. :happy:


I think Gawain the guy who called artuhr tyrant when he made the broad cast that inspired Hnaef. After that it’s just been one unending quest for vengence.


*Applauds heartily.* Hurrah for the line! And hurrah for Arthur’s rebuke and Sedrick’s reply in panel four. ^_^



O_oO_oO_o O_o O_o O_o
Wow…. yikes. How the helk does that work! (But it does explain why he doesn’t remember the motive)


Going back through the archives again, so late comment is late. Sorry!

I merely wish to share the utter amusement that is the Cranberries “Zombie” playing in my iTunes while I re-read this. That is all. xDDD


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