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Trying To Be Nice

I forget the exact strip number, but Driver got her glass eye back before Lance made his villain debut.

She’s been holding onto it for a while. XD;

Ah, Mordred. *pats* Trying to be cute.

Edit (2/18): If you keep up with my Twitter, Tumblr or Patreon activity feed–you know that my computer hard drive had a massive failure, putting my computer out of commission for about a week. Because of that, there’s a short break in comics. Since I have to keep the comics one week ahead on Patreon, the next strip you’ll see here will be on the 25th!

I am sorry about the break! Believe me, it was not my intention. XD *kicks computer*


Well, Mordred’s definitely succeeding in being cute.
His face in the 6th panel is so adorable.That, sympathetic look.

Mordred is such a secret sweetie.


I generally dislike “shipping” as a concept, and as such try to avoid doing it. But dang, these two in this page makes me want to throw all that out the window!


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