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Understatement, Boss

Boss’ll be back in a second.

He wasn’t lying about the whole immortal thing.


Ahaha – I’m always waiting upon the update like – it’s my Sunday now – is it your Sunday yet, how about now.. how about now. I probably am all the views from NZ :D :D

Also guys this is not the time to stand around and just wait for the next response. This is the time to make it more than inconvenient to stand up again.. though the healing factor puts a damper on things. If you cut off the head.. will the head regrow a body, or will the body regrow a head..?? Questions. O.o hmmm.

Lastly – spelling typo with Azrael’s ‘immorTal’. Though I agree boss is definitely immoral too!


I love these guys: “Hey, powerful evil supposedly-immortal monster dude just fell down. Let’s lean over him and talk to each other!”

Freudian slip in the second-to-last panel, with the missing “t.”


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