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Unlimited Everything

It’s up!!

It’s a little late because I decided to spend too much time on the chocolates in the background. Whoo.

Oh, Lennart. Uh, Malachi background coming up? XD Something like that.

EDIT: The red & white bg chocolate is a Petit Four (Petit Square) with red icing…

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen


Wait, you told me Lennart didn’t know about the cult thing, so how does he know about the artefacts and stuff?
I is confused now.


I assumed that he probably got it from Wiglaf’s mother at some point.. during the scene changes maybe? :P If something doesn’t make sense, assume it was mentioned off screen, and back away slowly…


How is everyone seeing the red and white chocolates as boxer shorts? Cause I’m not.


It’s alright. I can’t see it anymore either.. only took two days for my brain to go: “Underwear? Psh. That’s not underwear. That’s a popcorn hat!” … I’ve never seen a popcorn hat before… but ah well, give my brain 2 more days and I’m sure I’ll be seeing chocolates everywhere.


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