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My kitty, Angel, passed away today (Tuesday) at fifteen years. She was a good cat & will be missed.

At least she gets to go hang out with my Mac (My puppy, who passed at 16 a few years back) now.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Wildfire” by Michael Martin Murphey


*Hugs tight.* I sorrow for your loss of Angel, Liliy. She is a good cat, and always will be. Best wishes and condolences to you and your family.

It’s kind of nice to see Wiglaf taking control of the situation. His expression in panel two is quite interesting– I swear I’ve seen that look on Asterix’s face under similar circumstances. Nice work. And poor Driver. First the broom fight, then Lancelot, now this… it’s a pain, having been summarily relocated out of someone else’s life like that. XD


Aw, I’m sorry about the loss of your cat. My sympathies.

XD “Nugatory” is a great word choice. :D Much literature, including Shakespeare, has copious material for colorful and amusing insults. ^_^ And yes, Driver had better stop leaving these people by themselves. Everything descends into chaos as soon as she leaves. XD


D’aww, poor kitty! D:

Also, Driver was just getting a drink of water, and yet Mordred and what’s-his-face managed to have a three hour thesaurus fight within that time? Maaan, Driver takes a while. O_o


haha!! theaurus fights are fun!! i do it all the time with my brother!! but its not much of a mach since he can only read hank the cowdog books. oh well i’m pretty sure i cheat any way. i just make up smart sounding words. :D


Y’know, this kind of reminds me of insult swordfighting, now that ToMI and all the fervor around it have reminded me of that delightful past-time.

*Hugs the Liliy again, for good measure.*


Sorry about that cat (I know I’m horrible late on that, hope I wasn’t being mean by bring it back up).

And lol, Liliy definatly cranked open a thesaurus for this one. :P


I think I’m going to make a bookmark out of the first and last panels of this comic. >_>

Because it’s awesome.


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