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Use Those Senses, Wiglaf

Silly Lancelot, you can’t sneak up on Wiglaf.


Also this is the spontaneous reminder that comments do work - they just don’t show up until I update the site cache, which happens when I upload or update a strip. :D

Edit: Enjoy Lancelot’s hand getting crushed until Sunday. I spent my Friday reliving my love of Beetlejuice watching the movie and then the cartoon. Lol. (Truth is I have to get up early on Saturday to go shopping for my folks and so I went to bed early. Lol. And was tired. How on earth have I been working from home for over a month already. I think I’ve left the house maybe 3 times (that wasn’t to the office to get the mail). I’ll see you guys on Sunday! Enjoy your Friday & Saturday!

Edit 2: I am so sorry guys, but right before I sat down to draw I realized something important that I forgot & I needed to fix it right that minute. So a combination of “Frustration with myself” and “Sudden Headache” and “It’s now almost 10:00 p.m.” are turning into “There’s no way I can art right now.” So I’m going to try and cool down and then go to bed. I’ll see you on Wednesday.


Oof, Lance better be careful or he’s going to lose that hand.

And ofc Security isn’t bother. I’m not entirely sure he’s human (or fully human) so the plants probably don’t affect him.
Unless the plants have a puppet string-like effect (which was my initial though) that we haven’t seen yet.


That expression of Wiglaf’s on the last panel, it makes me think that Wiglaf might be secretly scared of needles.
It looks like a bluff face he’d use in a game of cards for when he gets that rare bad hand.


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