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Very Manly Shrieking

Ha ha. Sucks to be them.

Also: “Like artifact, like owner.”

Or something. :D

*thinks* So much to do. XD I still have fanart & fanfics waiting to be uploaded, and I should just e-mail you but I’ll say it here – Pair-a-Thon winners, your DA Points are coming! I just…forgot about them. *cough* You should have them by Saturday. XD

I don’t know what happened last December but I’ve never quite caught up after dropping that ball. I swear, the thing is bouncing all over the place and refusing to let me catch up with it. o_o

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Cosmic Love” by Florence + The Machine

YES. I’m still listening to it. MWA HA HA HA.


Prudence or Guinevere must be terrifying to elicit that response from them. XD
Also, you have no idea how hard I laughed when I read that text during the stream. The ‘screaming like a little girl’ just killed me.


It just makes you wonder what Prudence can do.. And would Bliss have just started talking Prudences ear off, instead of shrieking? I think so, the dearie never knows when to stop. Love her though, in fact, all the artifacts are great characters(the rings are a bit annoying though)


*giggles madly*

Well, now I can’t wait to find out what Prudence does.

Also, somehow I love that Ben calls Grace “Mr.” XD


That sream reads like prolonged “no” in Finnish.
So thay had bad reaction to Bliss, so this horrified scream must mean something good *evil sniggering*


That mutual screaming and terrified hugging by Grace and Eclat is so funny. XD I like seeing how all these artifacts interact with one another. I’d like to know what it is about Prudence that’s got them so scared. Maybe she’s just too “prudent” for these guys’ haphazard ways. XD


the only way the two of them will ever get the complete picture is if they both draw exactly what they see and then overlap the two different pictures to form one weird picture that will show what’s really going on.


First they look confused….
Then their eyes go wide like a puppy’s….
Then their eyes get all small….
Then they scream and cuddle like real men! (aka girls XD)
I loved it!


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