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Vilhelm Does Not Want To Know

*throws up comic and goes to bed*

Ug. Sorry it’s late. But it’s done.


Also, high five if you remember watching Big Wolf on Campus. That show needs a re-release. *hugs Tommy and Merton*

But really. Sleepy time now. Maybe. Trying. Ahhhhhhh….ignore me.


XD Ohhhhhhhh, yes. That’s an idea one shouldn’t consider too hard.

…the stapler probably used to be an orthodontist, given how many times they ask a person to bite down in order to check alignment. There’d be some sort of justice in that conversion, at least.


…Yeeaahhh…I probably wouldn’t want to know either XD;

Omygod, Big Wolf on Campus?! I *loved* that show! I had such a big crush on Merton, you have no idea.


*high five* I used to love that show, but it’s been so long….

Don’t worry, Vilhelm. This just means that many more people love you. Your wife may have cheated on you, but EVERY inanimate object in your office loves you. That’s gotta be worth something.


New Pairings:


Chair/everyone who has ever sat in it..

oh dear.


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