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Vilhelm Handled Him

I’m pretty sure this entire strip revolves around a groping joke. I don’t know if that’s a new low for me or not. XD

Color later. Tired and blah. *sticks out tongue petulantly*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Galaxies” by Owl City


O.o That….that….I WANT THAT ARTIFACT! *loves books and the idea of having a book spirit for a companion amuses her*

Also, last panel, funniest thing ever XD Well so far. In this arc. Because each arc is hilarious.


I don’t know. Vilhelm had it for years and the artifact never said anything, but apparently likes being handled. I would be sooo creeped out if he/she started moaning or something as I was trying to read…

Or worse! Got jealous of my other books and started to destroy them!


Well I think the objects can only have one owner so it’s probably the Boss’s book until he gives ownership of it over to Vilhelm.


Is it wrong that what I’m wondering is if Wiglaf is getting tired of standing there after all this exposition? He was recently broken after all, you’d think he’d take his dad’s chair by now or something. heh ^_^; yes I know odd thing to be focused on…i blame 3am because it can’t put up a fight.


I wonder… if you switched ownership multiple times (between two people) could you force Ledger to run out of pages?


He’s magic. He’ll probably NEVER run out of pages. I bet he’s like the TARDIS in book form – bigger on the inside. You could turn the entire human population into artifacts and switch them every two minutes and he won’t fill up. ‘Cause he’s JUST THAT AWESOME.


Wait, became a book? That would mean that people aren’t attached to existing objects, but are literally transformed. That begs the question of whether their new form is random or if it’s based on some aspect of their personality.


Ah, Wilheim, you beast.

Three men and one woman that are into you…. (okay, two men, not three, but we do hope and ship a winsome threesome with your wife and your best friend)

my, my, my.


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