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Vilhelm Knows When To Give up

Hey look. WaM’s up on time for once. XD Go me!

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Little Wonders” by Rob Thomas

Love the whole song. <3



the creepy dad had a stalker, and the pretty dad has a brain… this is going to be fun…

Wiglaf isn’t entirely dumb, more oblivious, which isn’t the same thing.


I think Wiglaf takes from his father in the look department and from his mother in the brain department…
…And the stalker-ish behaviour is all Vilhelm.
(just think about it: if Vilhelm eneded up being OK with Malachi stalking him, even turning him into an “object” to keep him close, Wiglaf pratically stalking Mordred until the two became “friends” makes much more sense…)


Do Malachi is the one who is obsessed with Vilhelm.. creepy. Msy be Malachi secretly had a crush on Willy and it came out in a creepy stalkerish way


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