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Violence Isn’t the Answer…?

HA! Unless WordPress failed me, this should have gone up on time! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Go me. (Who’s actually out of town when this goes up…yay for post scheduling!)

Oh yeah, Happy New Years Everyone!!!! I would have done A Pin-Up, but we had one really recently for Christmas…

Anyway. Horatio’s cute with his hair down and Geoffry’s a jerk today. ¬†You know. Fun stuff like that.

Oh, and the Pair-A-Thon has begun again! Year 2 here we come!

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Frozen” by Madonna


Happy New Year!! :D

Gotta love Viola’s giggle at Janus’ potshot at Horatio’s masculinity. XD And Wiglaf is funny when he’s in a situation he can’t comprehend. ^_^


Yay! It’s a new decade! Not officially at my house, but almost.

yeah, Horation does seem kinda girly. and has he always been shorter than Viola? Poor Wiglaf. He’s just not in his element.


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