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Waiting For The Show

Mordred gets to star in the  first strip of the new year!


*goes to pass out*

Edit: Enjoy a pretty Mordred for another few days. My office is getting put back together tomorrow so I’m heading to bed early tonight. It’s going to be hectic. o-o (We replaced the carpet all last week and all of our computers and desks were taken out. It’s going to take a while to get it all put back together on top of it being the busiest day of the week.)¬†

Thank you all so much for reading and I’ll see you Wednesday!!!

Edit (1/12, Wednesday): Hey guys, I’m sorry to skip again. I got some bad news this afternoon about a friend & a headache started about twenty minutes ago. I’m going to try and go to bed soon. But it is not all bad news: I bought a SodaStream. So now I can have carbonated beverages whenever I want. 0-o *sips the test one she made earlier* So many bubbles. So…so many bubbles. So I am taking that one good news and going to bed. XD



I’ve been following this comic for like literally a decade at this point, I think, and DUDE I am actually really happy this is how the year started. Mordred has gotten so pretty in your style lately, he’s absolutely gorgeous, and im in love with this image of him rn. Thank you for him, so much.


Aw, thank you! I was really happy with how he turned out for this strip, so I’m ecstatic to hear that. (Mordred is, too.)

And wow! Yes! It has been that long. XD It’s crazy. And 100% of the reason why I keep drawing. :D


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