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WaM 1735. But Not That Much

100% real talk. My brain is fried. I am too old for the drama that’s going on at work and I’m like the second youngest person in the office. This week has been stressful, today most of all.

I am so glad I have stuff to chill with & I’m glad I chilled enough to get anything drawn. XD So thank you so much for your patience with me this week!

I’ll see you on Sunday! :D

Edit: Uh, a lot has happened between Wednesday and now that I can’t really share. Long story short: I’m chilling and trying not to think about it. Sadly, it’s also resulted in writer’s block. But there will 100% be a strip on Wednesday since I won’t be able to draw anything starting on Friday for a full week. o-o;; I will see you then.

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Oh they totally left him behind.

-Sad to hear there is drama going on at work. Definitely need to just chill and relax sometimes!
Hopefully it will clear up.


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