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WaM 1793. Get Your Hugs, Camlann

He likes the hug. No worries.

Man, after a week and a half of vacation with family I am not looking forward to going back to work. xd Wish me luck!

Edit: I was right to not want to go back to work LOL. Ug. I’m exhausted. I’ll see you on Friday. xd

Edit 2:¬†Between catching up with two weeks worth of missed work from visiting¬†family and throwing a party for a coworker I’m ready to drop. I’m done. I’m sorry. I really need a new job. xd;; I’ll see you on Sunday.¬†


You know, if these two can touch skin-to-skin without Driver being burnt (which we don’t actually know, and this comic page doesn’t actually show) I’d ship them. Driver & Camlann would make a good couple, and obviously seem able to work together. Camlann makes the conceptual plans, and Driver takes it to ensure that it happens within a week (or year, you never know with how long Camlann spends planning).


This is an adorable moment. I hope someone takes a photo of it for them. X3

Also, a thought occurred to me. What happened to Camlann’s burning enchantment? You know, the one that hilariously scorched the hands of anyone not deemed worthy to weild him. Did he gain the ability to turn it off?
None of the cast seemed to question that lost aspect of Camlann after he gained human form. Then again they have forgotten about him a lot so… wow, Camlann has like the most tragic life in this comic when you consider how old he is. 0.0 Everyone forgets him so easily.


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