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We Couldn’t Survive Two

I was reading and writing fanfiction. So there. *coughs into hand* Eh, I was due posting a sketch anyway.

I think this is the second comic in a row with Wiglaf and Mordred. It’s….it’s a miracle the way things have been going lately. Yay!

My bro’s playing my Phoenix Wright game behind me. I can hear all the little sound effects~

Song Listening Recommendation:

“5. März” by Megaherz


I think it’s a first. Mordred not planning evil?

I don’t believe him. XD (First comment? Thus far yes).

I also know this is the first time I’ve seen a sketch when I first got on. XD


Oh he’s planning evil. You can be sure of that.

Wiglaf’s just not worried; Mordred never succeeds.

Yeah every now and then Liliy gets tired before finishing and fixes it up later.


Oh, a sketch doesn’t bother me. ^_^ And of COURSE he’s planning evil… though bringing a hero along does make evil of any sort more difficult.

I feel sorry for Camlann, though. I mean, I will until he gets out again and starts ranting, and then I will stop feeling sorry for a while.


Aww.. the rabbit is gone!


Also, yay for adventures with our title characters! And hopefully Driver. She kind of rounds out the group.


Camlann hears and is angered. Beware his wrath upon next drawing him from the scabbard!

OK, everyone, what do you think they’re going to hunt down?


I feel sorry for Camlann; it would be incredibly boring to just be shoved onto a wall.

Boring enough for him to lose his mind and try to go on a killing spree? That would be interesting, I can hear him now:

“Pick me up and stab yourself! Don’t look at me like I’m serious! I’m still mad at you for leaving me on that wall, do you have any idea how boring it is to be hung above a fireplace like some hunting trophy? And don’t you think it’s rather rude to call me useless while I’m in the room and then go gallivanting off onto a quest to get some other ancient artifact. You know that’s the problem with people today, once you have something you run off to get something else not thinking about how great everything you already have is! Honestly, it was different back in my day back when people appreciated my abilities and bothered to think about and appreciate the phenomenal cosmic power that they carry in the itty bitty living space of their scabbard. The simple truth is that you’ve never had a friend like me not that I consider you a friend or anything considering how you treat me and all but you should really keep in mind that I have more power in my pommel then you can even comprehend! Honestly if you were to make use of a tiny bit of what I can do it would mean no worries for the rest of your days. Let me tell you something my father told me. Look at the stars. The great kings of the past are up there, watching over us, some of those greatest kings held my power and did great things with it but nooooo you just hang me on a wall and let my unlimited potential go to waste!” Etc etc.

Whoa, typing up a random rant like that is rather difficult.


Yay! Adventures! I can already tell that Mordred is up to no good, regardless of what he says now.

Also, in the first panel, did Mordred mean to say “ancient artifacts that we can *try* to find”? Or am I missing something? :curious:


I actually like to see the sketches. It’s interesting to see the drawing process. Anyway, Mordred must not have been bored last time he was reading that if he didn’t notice that it was ‘full of’ ancient artifacts to steal. I’m just curious as to what they’re going to go after… (for some reason, I’m thinking Holy Grail, though I don’t know if that’s pushing the Arthurian legend a bit too far… :) )


Camlann is seething with fury inside that sheath being stuck on a mantle with nothing to do. XD This time, Wiglaf and Mordred had better search for magic object that doesn’t talk.


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