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We Need Some Soap Over Here

ZOMG! WAM earned its rating. D:

Ha ha. I love my new emoticon set. Feel free to use them in your comments. :happy:

I was feeling nostalgic; Security’s line “That really smarts.” is a callback to one of my favorite movies: The Littles. I don’t remember the line exactly, but the Mother Little said ‘really smarts’ when she used her tail to slide to saftey and suffered from rope burn. ^_^

And enough of that – now for my plea: Camlann needs a new font.

The one I’m using is hard to read, but I didn’t really have time to go looking for another one. Any suggestions for a good serif, cursive-like font that’s easier to read at smaller sizes? If so- toss um’ my way and we’ll see what we can do. (Oh! And Make-sure it’s a free for all uses font! I’m cheap. :D)

Thanks again!

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Around the Bend” by Asteroids Galaxy Tour


Last line = win. :D Hurray for the new emoticons too; very awesome. :)

I’ll throw in a vote for Gentium. It’s completely free, and the italic form is cursive-like but remains legible at smaller sizes. :cool:


I would have posted a comment on the last…what, four? pages but my computer died for a week. :argh:

I think this is the most Security has ever said in one place…


not too sure about the gentium, it seems too…well…clean, if you know what I mean.
I think Camlann definitely needs something a wee bit fancy….and also not really all that neat

but saying that I have no idea of what to put across….so if nothing else prevails gentiun it is :B


Great to see Security again! :cool: And Camlann is hilarious as always. He certainly has a bad habit of discharging expletives. :lol: I also like the shade of red that you used for the sofa. Very dazzling.

Calisto is a great font. :D


:lol2: :D Camlann’s so rude. And that last line is awesome. :happy: Another great comic, and I think that yes, this is probably the most we’ve ever seen Security talk. :lol:


Very good comic today, i love Camlann’s commits, and Security is always fun, but wait, wasn’t Security on the plan to the concert :curious:


… I’m really surprised that Security isn’t pure of heart… Or that he’s less pure than Wiglaf… Does Security have some sort of dark past?


“I bet Excalibur didn’t have to put up with this shit.”

Excalibur had better manners and knew when to keep it’s trap shut.


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