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We’ve All Done It

Oh Driver, trying to interrupt the boys’ fun. Bad Driver, Bad. :P

Good to be back! Irene just caused a few little power outs. Nothing major. Thanks for all the well wishing! :)

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker


Did Mordred hit his head? This seems so, un-Mordred like. He’s not trying to escape, not being snarky or his usual self! He’s almost being, nice! :o

Glad you’re ok and that Irene didn’t do anything to bad.


Well, they have been living together for over a year. XD I’m sure they’re not snarky 24/7 in their downtime…


Neither Mordred nor Wiglaf wants to put up with Driver’s nagging. XD So they’ll put her call on the backburner and go back to their fun. They can deal with Sedrick’s rampage later. XD

Glad you got through the hurricane without any serious trouble.


We’ve ALL done that before. XD
The one time she calls and isn’t just annoying him, it’s actually important? Murphy’s law…


Everyone knows you just wait for the call to ring so it goes to voice mail…although that might tick off Driver even more…


The longer this mini vacation lasts the more hurt will be put upon them. But im sure it wont last that long…


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