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What Hurts The Most?

10 minutes to spare but I got it up Friday. o_o BOOYAH!

I’m happy with this one. <3


I like to believe that this is how all of his accidents actually occurred after the first one (which was somehow the result of Mordred’s negligence) and that the adrenaline rush he got from the fallout of his disasters keeps making him do this sort of thing.


Arrgh! All I wanted was for minigun-style fruity destruction to be caused by the insane genius of a crazy redhead with a fixation of an androgynous Scottish girl that worked for his rival. Is that too much to ask?


“Spare mutating agent…” Now who would keep mutating agent in their laboratory if they didn’t intend for it to be used somehow. Not to mention, how was this mutating agent created? Hmmm, I’m glad that Lancelot has finally come ‘out of the closet’ so to speak.. at least to himself. Heh, I wonder how long it’ll take before Wiglaf senses the plant.


Best comic, this is it. :D This makes me very happy to read. I mean, most or your updates do, but this one especially.


Attaboy, Lance. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to getting it under control. I’m proud of you. You’ve made a lot of progress today.

Also, are those strawberries still edible? Can Wiglaf made super awesome strawberry jam with them after he defeats them? Or maybe he defeats them by making jam out of them? I dunno, it just seems like it’d be fun. And yummy.


But it could stain his shirt or chainmail. Then he’d have to get a new shirt to cover up the stains… looks like everyone is getting a wardrobe update…


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