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What Janus Saw In Him

Hey guys!

I don’t want to make a habit of this, but I want everyone to know that next Wed. the 16th, Transformers:¬†Windblade #1 is going to be on sale in comic shops & available digitally. It would be awesome if you picked up a copy! The artist working on the book, Sarah Stone aka Fayren is an amazing¬†artist (the preview pages we saw were absolutely drop dead gorgeous), and I really would love to see her get more work. This is her first comic in the Transformers¬†franchise, and it deserves all the support we can give it. :3

I’ll probably remind you again on Wed, but it’s nice to keep it in mind now. :D

Love you guys! Thanks for reading. <3


It’s not just any alien, it’s an alien with tentacles! The market value Japanese porn alone would be incredible. (Yeah, sorry, after the wavy things on the last page I couldn’t resist.)


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