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What She Came For

I know it’s been impossible to tell, but yes Guinevere has had a pack of cigarettes rolled in her sleeve the entire time. Now you can see them. :D

*yawn* Sleep…it is my friend.

Night! (Or day! Or whatever since you’re reading this in your own timezone.)

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men


I know Wiglaf is basically a superhero, but doesn’t he still have a broken collarbone, a few broken ribs, and severe calf muscle damage? That kind of thing has got to hinder even him. I hope he has a plan that doesn’t involve him fighting every single person in the cult.


Hey… so I’m assuming that in the second panel, the first speech bubble is Mordred too?

Also how do you transfer Artifacts? Bliss was sold.. but is it winner gets the artifact in a battle or what?


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