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What Villain Doesn’t?

Brat is walking the perimeter, trying to figure a way out of this situation since everyone else seems content talking or taking pot shots at Boss from space.

Edit: The computer decided to not cooperate. Again. WaM’ll be late on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Thank you.

Edit Number Two: Long story short, my computer is dead. I’m looking into my options for replacement and/or repair over the next week, though I’m not sure how fast I’ll be able to get one with the holiday season coming up. Keep an eye on my Twitter & Patreon for more updates. Thank you so much for being patient during this time.

Edit Number Three 11/24/17: Computer is still super dead, but if I only run a single program I can get it to stay on. If it cooperates, I’ll have a strip up Sunday, if not (since¬†Photoshop is sort of a resource heavy program), than this post is just to tell you that I’m still working on fixing my computer and that WaM WILL continue. Thank you for reading!

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