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What Was That 4th Option?

Oh, best intentions. *pats them* But seriously hero-crew, crazy cult group that even kept Hnæf out of its business. Watch yourselves. Or run. Running might be good about now. :D

Thanks for all the well wishes on Sunday’s strip. :3 I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: WaM has the best readers. <3 I love you all! Even you lurkers out there who never comment. I love you, too.

Also, you guys know Catena is updating again, right? And it’s a total reboot so now’s the time to jump in at the new start, right? Now you do. No excuses. Get over there and start reading! :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“How He Loves” by John Mark McMillan.


No means no, Wiglaf.

That aside, I’m really liking this cult. The whole “forced companionship” is both seriously evil and rather sympathetic.

Plus it ties into the themes of this comic…there are a lot of excessively-loyal friends and loved ones in this comic.

I mean, Sedrick has people that care about him. Even with the way he treats them.


Wow, they really look at things from a different perspective…
They definitely have a… different… moral code than most don’t they?
I have to say I love it


So, guesses on what turns out to be option 4? I guess it could just be a fight scene, but that’s a bit out of normal for this comic. The two obvious Chekhov’s guns are Camlann and Bliss.


Jeez, can you imagine if DID join the item set? If their powers fit their personality, he could give Camlann a run for his money.

I suppose they could nervously talk your way out while edging to the exit, or maybe Vilhelm will help out his son. (Just because he’s enthusiastic doesn’t mean he wants his son to join.)


I suddenly really want to know what the powers of all the characters (who aren’t already artifacts) would be.


I’m more interested in the powers of the artifacts that already exist. Namely Prudence, Facile, and Flair (Red too, I guess), since I think we know what the other five do.


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