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When It Hits The Fan

Ug; Sick. *sniff* I can’t afford to be sick. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Ready to Die” by Andrew W.K.


Hnæf looks… a little worried. It looks like Security’ll console ‘em, though. I’m curious to know what happens when one group of green/grey dots hits the other. XD Great job on the hand shading in panel one; very slick.

Hope you get better soon!


No fair, commenting on things before they post, Mike. I saw that last night.

…aw, who am I kidding? You maintain the website, so that has to be one of your perquisites. ;)


oh dear, even security looks worried! :argh: lol :D Can’t wait to see how this pans out! (gets out the popcorn) :cool:


Ha ha, it looks like all the characters will soon collide! It’s great that we get to see the schematics on Hnaef’s monitor up close. I see the Garrott brothers are both highlighted in red.

Get well soon, Liliy!


This is straight beautiful, Liliy, and must be quite a nice semi-break after some of those ten-panel comics you’ve been having to do. I’m so sorry you’ve caught whatever this is that’s been going around– hopefully you haven’t picked up my strain, and so won’t still be coughing two-and-a-half weeks after recovery. May God heal you soon!

I find it interesting that Gawain still has the pale green “hero” color assigned to Wiglaf. Does he need to be inducted before he turns tan? Or, given that Sedrick is a dark green, is the whole system working on a sliding scale based on who is beneficial or maleficial to Hnaef? That’s a splendid interface Mimir has thrown together, but I’m sorry to see even Security looks worried.


I queried Lilly yesterday and the colors refer to the shirt colors being worn, except for Horatio, who would have ended up blue on blue. Gawain will be grey when/if he gets his uniform on.


Ah! I see. That makes sense, and explains why Mordred’s in red, too– black doesn’t look good on a glowing interface like that.

Thanks for checking and passing on the info! If I ever need to write a gossip column about TAWM and Liliy, I’m getting you for a source. :D


This should be fun, I love it when a plot comes together =)

I wonder whats going to happen next, so many options. I think we’re due for more with Horatio and Arthur, if we’re going in rotation. Who knows though!


Wow, I’m actually posting a comment. =D This is kind of strange for me.

Poor, poor little Hnaef. I hope he doesn’t get blamed for this. :worry:
Gwain and Wiglaf don’t happen to be acquainted do they? I’m envisioning a three-way brawl between Gwain, Wiglaf, and Azreal. :love: Now if we could only get Mordred in the fray, we’d have the ultimate battle for fangirls. :ohhyeahh:


I love the big ol’ first panel: nice touch. :D It took me a few seconds (and looking at the tags for character names) to remember where everyone would be at this point and get the “who’s-who?” on this map. But it was fun, and it’s definitely a cool looking panel. :happy:

But I feel bad for Hnaef right now. I mean, ever Security looks worried. Security of all people!!! :argh:


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