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When Opportunity Passes Out

Sedrick isn’t one to look a gift horse in the mouth. He’ll abuse this just you wait and see.

Also! It’s been a movie weekend. (You missed my rambling, admit it.)

Super 8 – Goes back and forth between really good and kinda blah. Worth watching though.

Green Lantern – I don’t know about you, but I liked it. >.>

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac


Holey crud… O.O… Sir Garrot has the same ability to pop up unexpectedly that Security does? And Haenif is going to have a heart attack, I don’t care how young he is, if people keep doing that to him. Poor kid…


Apparently, genius boy does not in fact, see everything that happens.
I love how he’s just, casually observing over Hnaef’s shoulder, while poor Hnaef’s like, ‘Oh sh**!’

((And, apparently I was wrong, that stuff DOES affect Security. Who knew? I wonder what Sedrick is plotting with those two though…))


This will be interesting:

Does Mr Garrott mess Sedrick up something ugly for essentially assaulting his employer, or promote him for showing initiative?


The heck….? The sedative worked on Security?! How-what-*hides underneath her bed* With Security’s ability to be ANYWHERE, Sedrick is nigh unstoppable! I’m scared, someone hold me….*cowering*


OHNOES SECURITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE WORLD IS DOOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!
But at least we don’t need to worry about Hnaef getting lonely since he has <3 Sir. Garrot <3 with him!!! Though we *might* need to worry about his heart rate…. because I think it just stopped in the last panel… lols


Let’s see…Security can pop up unexpectedly/inexplicably….Mr. Garrot can pop up unexpectedly/inexplicably…Oh MY GOD! Security is the illegitimate son of Mr. Garrot!
Or, I have been watching far too many Agatha Christie Movies lately.


Well, even if security gets everywhere, he is -still- human. Probably. So it makes sense that he’s affected normally by things…
He’s just, you know. Everywhere and nowhere.

And now that Mr. Garrot is involved… ahah. aheh. hehe. ohgodwe’reallgoingtodie!


Security is the prototypical “enigma” character. No backstory, no visible motivation beyond whimsy, no explanation for the everywhere trick. Sedrick knocking out Security is a good way to show that it just got real. And now Pa Garrott, the one who scared the psycho-sword Camlann into shutting up, is involved. Hoo boy.


I was surprised Security could get knocked out by some tranquilizers.

The last two panels were hilarious. I love that Garrot Sr. and Hnaef are just watching this crap go down.


Just a thought…
Is Security going to suddenly and uncontrollably travel while unconscious simply because it’s natural for him and he’s currently not really in control?


Uh oh. Mr. Garrott is not going to respond well to Sedrick’s mutiny. Things could escalate very quickly now. I like how stunned Hnaef looks when he hears Mr. Garrott behind him.

Nice panels showing Arthur and Security out cold.


The one who puts fear in all is now involved. all that matters is he going to care about his son at all or be indifferent. thought we all know the walls, floor, and ceiling would be all be painted red if it was his grandson.


*reads fine print*

“ the event of Security not being able to fulfill his duty, Sir Garrott will gain his powers, finally fulfilling his dream of spying on people and then popping up at awkward times.”


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