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When They Were Young

It’s at this point you all are thankful I improv these the day before and don’t have anything pre-written out save for a loose story plot line in my head.

It means I can do stuff like this – respond to a request that happens thrice over. Hurrah!

Granted, I’m also stalling because what I had planned for this arch is taking much, much longer to draw than I anticpated. :D Either way it works.

Arthur kinda looks good with short hair; but who cares? Sedrick got to be his good old vicious self for a panel. :D


XD Hnaef saw the efficiency that is Sedrick and wanted to be a part of that, because with Arthur’s devilish charm, how could it lose?

And Sedrick had a keyed weapon, too? Poor Sedrick. The only question is: did it get riddled with holes in a fight with Azrael, or did he fling it at Wiglaf after he ran out of ammunition?

Hurrah! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Liliy! It looks neat, shifting from brown back to blue like that. “Wasn’t that a little harsh?” XD


Ha ha! This is one of your best strips yet, Liliy. I didn’t expect the TV ultimatum story to show up so soon. Thanks a ton for such a quick response to your readers’ request!

Lots of great stuff here. I like Arthur’s various gestures as he delivers his address, and also his grand declarations of ruling the world. And of course, Sedrick shooting the protester was absolutely hilarious. Also funny that the televised press conference also served as a recruitment video for Hnaef. XD

You gave the characters great expressions–Arthur looking proud and self-assured, Sedrick looking grim and no-nonsense, and Hnaef displaying deadpan sarcasm. Great job! :D



Sedrick needs more chances to be bad ass. :D

And Arthur looks so stupid here. XD Individually I think I’d like them, but the combination of his hair and that outfit and everything… *dies*


Perhaps I’m just having another blonde moment, but isn’t Hnaef twelve? So, ten years ago, he would have been two? Was it like recorded, and he saw it later, or what happened?


Please tell me that wasn’t Gawain that just got shot.


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