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When You Dive In

Night Club. Hurrah.

This arc might be easier to write if I had actually been to a club before. As it stands, I’ve never been to one that I remember. Heh. Oh well; I’ve heard stories; and it’s not really about the club anyway. It’s about the boys. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Rock the Casbah” by Clash


Heh heh. I like all the colors you used. The multiple pieces of color for the backgrounds look really good. Also nice shade of red for Sedrick’s shirt.

Hurrah for the Arthur fangirls! ^_^ I guess Arthur isn’t very particular in his choices for flings, huh?


I suggest against adding realism but if you want to add some anyway here’s some easy to answer questions that can fill in some of the details:
–Which kind of criminals own this club?
–What drugs do the drug dealers in the club sell, and do they hang out in the bathrooms or somewhere else?
–How many pickpockets are around?
–Is the music crappy techno (standard) or something else?
–Is this a dance club–which generally only has one or more dance rooms, possibly a chill room or two, one or more bars, DJ booth, bathrooms, an entrance and maybe some back rooms–or some other kind of club?
–Is this club in a residential area or a place that people don’t live in (cleaner or rougher neighborhood)?
–Is this a “school night” or are all the underage girls out?
–What other kinds of people hang out in the club?

–Do these guys have guards from family security (or Security himself) shadowing them?


I’m surprised they ended up at a regular club. *cough*

But yes; I think it’s working well, but then I’ve never been to a club either. XD Like the colors though. ^_^


Ok, as a general rule, I don’t like clubs. Too noisy (gives me AWFUL headaches), too dark, too crowed, and it’s almost guaranteed that some insensitive soul will have disregarded the no smoking signs and smoked to give my asthma fits.

But, but, this club i would go to!! the colors alone, wheee!!!

Side note, it would be ABSOLUTELY AWESOME and HILARIOUS if Wiglaf dragged Mordred to this club some time, maybe at a time when Arthur is also there. XD
And i can’t wait to see Arthur’s reaction when he sees Mordred with his pink hair. XDDD


Agreed. Clubs give me panic attacks from the crowds, but I’m entirely willing to take my chances if the boys are there!


Looks more like the inside of a church with stained glass windows. Also the conservation at a distance seems unlikely in most clubs.


maybe they are really yelling……..queitly yelling…………maybe the music just isn’t that loud yet, there doesn’t seem to be that many people either so maybe they got there early?………………………..or they are just THAT good…………….wich ever works :ohhyeahh:


The background reminds me of the pretty windows in the theatre we used to go to when I was a kid (before we moved) <3

I can’t help you with the club thing because apparently clubs are different there than in The Netherlands.

@anonymous coward: Security is EVERYWHERE!


umm, speaking of colours, how come neither of the girls in the 1st panel are wearing the shirt colour in the 2nd?


I think the girl in panel two is the girl on Arthur’s left; her dress is a different color because of the lighting.


It’s actually a third girl not featured in the first panel. :cool: Cause, you know, I like confusing all of you.


All caught up! :D

Arthur looks hot in that outfit, and Sed’ don’t look half bad either. ;]

I didn’t get the lime joke… I mean, “fanservice”? I know what that is, but I guess I forgot that someone asked for something that involved Wiglaf and popsicles, or something.

And :lol2: to the generic buglar!


Eating a popsicle for no particular reason by itself can usually be described as random fanservice. I was just calling it out. :D


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