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Where Did Mordred Go?

As much as I hate to admit it, but if work stays this busy and I have to keep going in early – WAM is probably going to suffer from ‘ink first’ and then ‘color later in day’ for a bit. Hopefully this doesn’t continue. But I sadly need sleep. So that in mind – color later Wed. night! :D Color. Oh yeah. :cool: 

Lancelot is fun. But that’s a given. Mad scientists are fun. Ah. Mordred hugged someone by choice. He’s so mean to Wiglaf.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Broken Wings” by Tane Tomoko


Just… yeah. I won’t post my actual comment, but seeing Mordred glomp anyone is a terrifying site. WAM is truly living up to its tagline. XD


Lancelot knows that to get on Mordred’s good side, it doesn’t hurt to try a little bribery. XD

I like the picture of Wiglaf growling. XD


LiZn might be interested in that genetic strain of rose…

It’ll look so nice tucked in Mordred’s pink hair. :D Of course, now we need some sort of “over tea” discussion of the means by which Lancelot destroyed Mordred’s garden. *Muses.* Black spot is probably too simple… engineered aphids too uncontrollable… Hissy’s predecessor, maybe?

Run, Wiglaf. Run while you still can! Escape the madness!


You know, it’s a good thing I’m not one of those fangirls who hates a character for getting in the middle of their ship.

I’ll just settle for being irritated and muse about Mordred and Lancelot’s high school shenanigans.


XD Just thinking about it! roflmao. I completely agree w/ you, but I feel sorry for poor Wiglaf. He’s being very ignored right now. *glomps Wiglaf*


haha! you know Wiglaf saying “i’m not a dog” would have been more affective if you didn’t growl after words! :happy: lol i love jealous Wiglaf!


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