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Where’s The Other Guy?

It’s up to you guys to decide whether or not Arthur is just messing with Sedrick. :D

Ha ha…it’s hard to keep the storyline light we these two. I always want to dive off into serious/angst land.

Oh well. *pets them* They’ll get their moment for now.

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“Imaginary” by Evanescence


….It has been proved that Arthur is smart enough to plan out messing with Sedrick before. ( Clearly he is doing it again now at least about the eye, probably with most or all of the rest–up to and including dragging him to a club.
Considering how often Arthur acts clueless and how Sedrick takes it at face value one wonders just how crazy, smart and oblivious Arthur really is. Is he trying to be the next Columbo or is this all just a side effect of true flakiness, his obsession with Mordred and an apparent utter inability with introspection?
….Or am I overanalyzing characters based on the single-dimensionality of anime-style characterization?


actually, I’m rather inclined to agree with you. Arthur acts clueless so people will underestimate him, and then when he actually IS clueless, it’s a good cover. I suspect he may not have known just how MUCH Sedrick dislikes clubs, but I doubt the rest comes as a surprise.

YAY Liliy for Sedrick/Arthur dramas! I like them with angst OR fluff. XD


Once again we see this dynamic between Arthur and Sedrick where both labor to assert authority and where Sedrick has difficulty taking Arthur seriously as a commander. I find it hard to believe that Arthur is quite this clueless. I agree with dark kitten that Arthur may not know everything about Sedrick, but he is probably putting on a show of naivete about everything else just to get Sedrick to do things with him.

If Gawain is smart, he’ll take this opportunity to flee for his life while Arthur and Sedrick are busy arguing over whether to extinguish his life. ^_^


I love it. These two I thnk are perfect for angst/seriousness. In fact, my favorite pages for this comic involve these two in some sort of fight or angst arc. <3


“I am the only valuable resource that you need.”

Aw is Sedrick all jealous now? He doesn’t want to share HIS Arthur ^x^


It’s comments like that that make me suspect Sedrick really DOES love Arthur. In a scary twisted way.


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