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While The Boys Argue

I desperately needed to draw something that’d make me smile.

And Driver is the third main character.

She deserves a spotlight.

(Also still the character to undergo the most change from the hair cut, to letting her blonde grow out, to the glass eye lol).

The world is losing its mind out there. Stay safe and take care, guys. We’re gonna hang in there.

Edit: So, considering all the chaos going on right now as I post this (Edited on Friday, May 29)…I think I’d rather keep happy Driver there and finish the strip I started tonight on Sunday. It’s hard to draw when I’ve got my eyes glued to the news. So I will see you Sunday and I mean this: Stay safe guys.



Experience! Also, your hair was worn slightly differently, almost certainly slightly shorter, and you used the hat to angle it so that you had some ability to see underneath it.

In other words, you were doing it every day, so you developed experience at having it that way.


The world isn’t loosing it’s mind, it just never really had one as far as we know. Life is just a minuscule layer of organic slime on a slag-ball orbiting the sun.

In less general terms humanity is still at the mental age of maybe 2. Easily distracted, low attention span, short term memory is very short, slow to learn repercussions from its antics, sense of self preservation is almost nonexistent, selfish, loud, greedy and poops its pants.


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