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The whistle is for Driver in a towel.

Ha ha; I like today’s strip. Wiglaf is so bad when he wants to be. I think they like picking on each other. Yay for banter! :D

And since we haven’t had one in a while – Reader Particpation time!

What’s Mordred doing to Wiglaf in that last panel? :D

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“Eye of the Tiger” by Survival


I imagine he’s either beating him while trying to tear out his hair or…well…for some reason I see him dying his hair a different color..maybe all the above? Oh yes I saw your fanart for Emergency Exit it look awesome and was extremely cute.


Ooo! Ooo! Violent fighting game, they’re sitting in front of a TV with fatass X-Box controllers. And for bonus points we’ve finally found one thing that Wiglaf sucks at, which is why he’s complaining so much. Either that or one of them just found out about the other’s doll hobby and is trying to take it away from the other?


Mordred has developed girly-claw hands and is trying to shred Wiglaf’s face/ears.

Hurrah for fractal blur backgrounds!


Mordred is wielding an ax and aiming it at Wiglaf’s head.

Wiglaf sure is getting more and more cheeky lately. XD

Nice colors in panel 1. :D It looks like a mist concealing the characters as they talk.

Hooray for Driver in a revealing (literally) situation!


I love that rainbow background. XD

Let’s see… I know my first guess is wrong… and I can’t share my second guess in your comments. XD


it’s obvious that they’re playing monopoly hopscotch.0_0 with dynamite.:shocked:

also- since when does driver live in a different appartment (sp?) ? I thought they all lived in the same appartment (sp?). :sly:


Driver’s always lived downstairs in a different apartment. I was hoping to make that more clear with that subtitle. XD When Wiglaf first came to their apartment, Mordred had him living with Driver instead of in his flat. :D Wiglaf didn’t move in with Mordred until after the hair cutting incident.


I think Mordred pulling his hair.

…because I’m terrible that way.

Also after having to do a project on Sigurd, I have a sudden great affection for Wiglaf and Beowulf in general. /totally unrelated to this page but I kept remembering this comic when I was working.


:lol: Mordred ain’t too happy with Wiglaf now.

And oh noes! Not Wiglaf’s hair! :( *is trying to forget that he’s already read all the comics and is reading them a second time and commenting :P *


Jeez! Whatever’s going on over there surely can’t be pleasant!

I think that Mordred may have gotten the Killer Bunny from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and the bunny was really hungry, and Mordred and rubbed carrots all over Wiglaf’s hair so that it smelled delicious to the bunny…oh dear.

“DIE!” XDD I love that line.


they are obviously making pie because…….well they where yelling because of……………DON’T JUDGE THEM!!!! jk. :P


Interesting post reminds me of another gem. – I believe there is something out there watching us. Unfortunately, it’s the government. – Woody Allen Born 1935


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