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Who Needs Walls?

If Wiglaf and Mordred fused you’d probably get something that resembles my personality. Mordred gets all the anxiety and cynicism so he doesn’t get to break the fourth wall. :P

Edit: Nothing’s wrong but I got a new video game and I’m gonna’ play it. LOL. Picked up FaeFarm and I’m super excited for that a little bit after I get some other things done. :D See you Sunday!

Edit 2: It Sunday. Felt lousy all day. Work tomorrow. Chilling tonight and I’ll see you Wednesday. Getting too old. xd *sips water*

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Wiglaf, technically, doesn’t get to break the fourth wall, either. He is only allowed to know when it’s broken, and respond to that event.

In story cannon, it could probably be excused as his “perfect abilities” kicking in to allow him to perfectly know whatever has occurred that could affect him. As to why it didn’t activate when meeting Mordred, or when Sedrick started his attack on Mordred & Wiglaf’s family, that can be chalked up to Wiglaf’s ability to perfectly ignore warning signs, or anything that actually bothers him, and willingness to do so for the sake of his family & friendships.

Aka, Wiglaf Perfectly Ignores his Perfect Perception towards friends & family, in order to give them privacy. It’s also entirely possible that Arthur, Sedrick, Azrael & Janus are close enough enemies that Wiglaf, at an instinctive level, counts them as “friends”… or his desire for a relationship with Mordred instead instinctively marks them as “family”. :p

Sorry, not sorry, Wiglaf.


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