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Why Not Camlann, Too?

I’ve been wanting to redesign Camlann’s hair since I first designed his human form. Finally had a good excuse to give him a new look. XD

Kept the vest, but the rest of it’s pretty new~

I think he looks snazzy. :3

Thanks for reading!


Hmmm, I’m not sure if this new look is really fitting of Camlann’s personality. Perhaps he should try some other outfits? I’m sure Driver could give him some fashion tips. OH! Or Wiglaf! I’m positive Wiglaf could help pick out some nice clothes for him!-cough- Chainmail -cough- :)


Looking Sna-ha-ZAY, Cammy!
It’s a bit muted, in contrast with his previous LOOK AT ME get-up, fabulous though it was.
I suppose a more muted, calm outfit is fitting, considering Camlann’s circumstances as of late.


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